Happiest Baby on the Block, Trent

Liz knows just what to do to get Trent to smile. Which sometimes can be a challenge…

He is such a sweet little boy! It was funny we put him on the ground and you know 6 month old’s are a little wobbly and so we put him down and he was pretty good…and then he fell back on his head. I thought this would scare him and he would probably start to cry.
But he laid there and realized he liked the grass on his face. It was funny he just stayed right there on his back…perfectly still as to not disturb any grass around him.

Normally, at 6 months old, you can only do so much with them. But this kid has a lot of personality already so we got a lot of different expressions and variety out of his session.

Our thanks goes out to our friend Leslie for spreading the word. Leslie is Elizabeth’s, Trent’s mom, cousin. She got her a session as a baby shower gift.  We enjoyed photographing Trent, he was a piece of cake!

Enjoy this sneak peak I hope you love them!

– Jennifer


Little Man Tanner is growing up…

So we have been lucky to have been able to photograph Tanner since he was a baby. Now he is 18 months. I felt like I had not seen him in forever his face has changed so much. He has hair and he’s this long and lean little man that can walk and talk now!

He was verbal in letting me know when I got enough photographs 🙂 He would do a pose then say, “Done!” and we would move to the next spot. I think the honesty in children is hilarious and it is too bad as we become adults we can’t be so blunt and have people find it so adorable.

Tanner went to smell the flowers and I have got to say makes the funniest face when smelling those flowers I am glad to see this expression so I could get a photograph of it.

I am excited about these photographs of Tanner I think we got some really cute ones of him in his Colts jersey and football. But don’t be fooled Tanner’s parents are big Packers fans too! He liked playing with his football, his lawnmower and he found Tommy really interesting and kept sharing his toys with Tommy.

Brian, Amy, & Tanner thanks again for being such loyal and fabulous clients. We appreciate you guys letting us follow and capture the changes in Tanner.

– Jennifer

Big Blue Eyes…and a little ‘Blue Steel’

Cooper will kill the ladies someday…This little 14 month old has the longest eyelashes I have ever seen and the biggest blue eyes. And some curls to go along with it.

He is adorable.

This if my first time getting to photograph Jill, Dave, and Cooper. And Cooper was unsure about it at first. He was a little serious but very quickly warmed up.

As soon as he warmed up he was off and going all over the place.

This is a really fun age to photograph. Some people think that it might not be so great because the subject is on the loose but I think if you go with wherever they lead you the results will be amazing.

Jill & Dave,  I can’t wait to get the other photographs up for you because he is so cute in them! Thank you for letting me do your families photographs you guys were so much fun to work with.

– Jennifer

P.S. (editor’s note by Tommy)
I just noticed that in one of these pictures, Cooper is doing a great Ben Stiller impression with a nice Blue Steel face…check it out below…along with other great photos from the session!

Baby Blue Steel (above)

Gavin at 18 months…

We were so happy to get outside shooting on Monday. It has rained so much this past 1 1/2 months and we were getting cabin fever.

Really nothing looks better then natural light outdoors. And after doing this session I am even more convinced of that. Although it could of been Gavin himself.  🙂

He has been easy to photograph since he was a baby. We really do love photographing him. He has such a happy disposition. He is funny and outgoing and really sweet to Tommy & I.
I will say it again…that it is cool we get to watch Gavin grow up.

I told Jamie that she could bring some of Gavin’s favorite things. Well one of them is a chair. This was a cool idea that we incorporated into the shots and it turned out really fun and different.

Enjoy your sneak peak! We will get your others up soon! Trust me there are a lot to choose from he made it hard to narrow down!

– Jennifer