Boys and Photographs

Unless you are Tommy, most guys are not into people coming and taking photographs of them. So Conor was not excited about this appointment that his lovely mom, Tawny, scheduled. But, he loves his mom, so he was quite fun and a good sport throughout the whole session. We had fun with him and he had a great sense of humor!

His mom was actually at the hospital when Maya was born and I guess I have known her for about 8 years now! She is really sweet and a lot of fun. I can tell she must have a great relationship with her kids!

I miss seeing all the ladies at the hospital so it was really nice to see her today and meet her son. Thanks Tawny! Keep in touch

– Jenn


Kristen Paige

A friend of mine I used to know from working at the community hospitals approached me a while back about taking pictures of her daughter.
I had the pleasure of getting to do her Kristen, her daughter’s, senior photographs.

It was a lot of fun. I felt inspired and like I was back in college. She was up for any ideas and had a fun personality.  I look at highschoolers like her and I wish I was half as cool as her when I was in school. The fashion mistakes we all made in the 90’s did me no justice but kids now are able to express themselves in such creative and much more unique ways then when I was going through my teen years. Kristen is artsy and fun and beautiful so taking good photographs was not hard.

Here are a few of my favorites from the session.

– Jennifer