Baby Baylor Russell

Cortnie & Jon had baby Baylor about 11 days ago…and according to Cortnie…they’ve gone through about 96 diapers already!!

Baylor is tiny with a head full of beautiful long brown hair.

Tommy and Jon go way back. They went to Rose-Hulman together and both graduated as Civil engineers. Tommy has since moved on from engineering…but Jon is going strong.

Since Tommy is good friends with these two and they have a sense of humor I think we put Baby Baylor through a series of photographs that we would not normally make a normal baby have to experience. But it was fun and cute to do.

I think they will make you laugh. You should let us know what you think. Obviously Baylor’s parents are huge Cubbie fans….not that I needed to tell you this..I think after seeing a few of these photographs it will seem quite apparent.

Baylor was awake and asleep for the photographs and I am really excited about the the photographs we got of him.

Thank you Jon and Cortnie for letting us do your photographs and thinking of us!

– Jennifer


Mason James

Dan and Molly had us come down to their home to photograph Mason’s newborn photographs.
Tommy has known these two for awhile through mutual college friends.

It was the first time we had been to their house and it was an inspiring place to photograph. I could of probably come up with a million more ideas but I think Mason was about done and I had already gotten so much good stuff.

Mason is a tiny little guy and was patient to put up with the over an hour of shooting we put him through. If I get 15 good minutes with a newborn I am doing pretty good.

Dan and Molly you have a beautiful family and home! Thank you for letting us come down for photographs it was fun and this might be one of the coolest newborn sessions we have been able to do.

We might need to rent your place out for future photo shoots  🙂

I hope you enjoy your sneak peak!

– Jennifer


Sweet baby girl Addison is ADORABLE. This girl I loved everything about her…from her big brown eyes, dark hair, cute nose, and even her cute little chunky cheeks. And perfect for the photo session.

Really a cooperative happy baby.

She is 9 months old so not a lot of moving around yet. So it was an easy hour. I was a bit spoiled today by the perfect weather, fun company, and totally wonderful baby, Addison.

Thanks Paula for letting me do her photographs. You got a good baby!

– Jennifer

New Baby Jocelyn

I got to meet Maegan while doing her maternity photographs. She was easy to photograph and beautiful in her pics. Her daughter Jocelyn is precious. She has a really perfect complextion and such a sweet little face.

You can tell her parents are totally enamored by her.

What an amazing Mother’s Day present to be with your new baby!

I wish you the best CW & Maegan!

Your baby is beautiful!

– Jennifer

Braylon Kerney

I met this lady named Jules a few years ago through one of my best friends Megan.

Jules is someone you never forget. And she’ll definitely leave a big impression on you. She is interesting and fun and creative. When she got her sister a newborn session as a gift, I could not wait to go meet relatives of Jules.

Jules’ sister Lisa’s voice sounds, to me, just like Jules…and looks so much like her, yet with Brown hair…and no patchouli.

Little Braylon Kerney was really happy in moms arms. And took a minute to warm up to the idea of getting his picture taken. But this is fairly typical with newborn photographs. We ended up getting some really sweet images of tiny Braylon. He has a million different expressions.

I put a few of his images with his different expressions here for you guys to see.

Thank you Lisa, Brian and Jules for having me come do your little ones photographs! You guys were so sweet and made me feel very welcome.

Enjoy your sneak peak I will have your other photographs up for you to see soon!

– Jennifer

Brody Matthew

We went to photograph little baby Brody yesterday. He was still just a little guy weighing less then 7 lbs at 3 weeks. So cute.

Newborns are most comfortable in their parents arms, in their clothing and in their routine. So strip them of clothes take them from their parents and try to take some photographs it doesn’t always work out. He was not super excited about this photo session when we started…

But then he calmed down and got into the modeling …or we simply wore him out. And we got to take some really sweet photographs. I was excited when Tommy thought to open up the front door. We put the basket right inside the house with the door open the light was really nice. Then I stuck him at the front door and I think those are really cool shots.

I love shooting new kinds of photographs and ideas!

I hope you enjoy your Brody sneak peak!

– Jennifer

Top Model in the Making…

We went yesterday for a newborn session for a precious baby named Maximilian. He was adorable but I must admit big Sister Reese stole the show. She is 2 1/2 and reminded me a bit of Maya. She was excited and friendly and totally up for any kind of photograph I wanted to take.

Then she did something funny that really reminded me of Maya. She posed her dad like I had just posed her and took her camera and started shooting.

I think big sisters are suppose to get all the attention and this little lady is no exception. Her baby brother is going to have a lot of fun growing up in this fun family and with sweet sister Reese.

The whole family was happy and warm and the love was so obvious in person and translated through the photographs.

Tommy and I had a lot of fun doing their photographs!

Thank you Marianne, Ross, Reese &Max for having us come do your families photographs!

Enjoy the sneak peak!

– Jennifer