Brittany & Mike

It has been a while since we have done some maternity photographs. But I think many of you know it is one of my favorite kind of sessions to do! I think part of the reason is I regret not having photographs of myself pregnant.

But mostly I think pregnancy is amazing and beautiful! I think it need to be captured. The process of pregnancy and child birth is the most remarkable and lovely experiences you can have the pleasure of having in your lifetime.

Mike and Brittany were so cooperative and wonderful for the whole session. I was especially impressed with Mike because I know guys are really usually not into the whole thing and he was sweet and encouraging and most of all smiled for the photo’s!

Brittany is due in just a couple of weeks! I remember that time…right before…it was an anxious time for me. Brittany enjoy each day with Mike and the two of you and I hope your water birth delivery goes smoothly!


– Jennifer


Maegan at Coxhall Gardens

I think the weather was playing an April Fools joke on me last week when I did Maegan’s photographs.

Typically I bring Tommy along for blocking sun, reflecting sun..being the all around lighting guru.
He was in Colorado at the time and I thought I could handle it.

When I met Maegan at Coxhall Gardens in Carmel it was a bright, beautiful sunny day. Then the wind came and it was relentless. Maegan was so good about it.
At first I worried about the results of the photo’s I was getting since the wind was blowing her hair all around.
But what I got was a result so cool and pretty. I really loved the pics with her hair moving around.

Maegan you are a beautiful mom! Your belly is perfect and you just look amazing! It is hard to believe your little one will be here in just a few short weeks.

Thank you for letting us do your photographs! Can’t wait to meet the baby in about a month!

– Jennifer

Leah’s Maternity Session

We just wanted to share some images from one of our recent maternity sessions. We had such a great time with these two. It’s so great when we get to have fun and do creative things with clients!

When I met Leah she and her husband were so comfortable to be around. I loved that they were glowing about the new life they were about to meet. She is such a beautiful mom already and I really enjoyed getting to do these fun maternity photographs. I think it shows just how beautiful women are when they are pregnant!

Leah most certainly is…

Leah we can’t wait to meet your new baby any day now. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy…

– Jennifer

Shellee celebrates pregnancy #3!

I had such a great time at this photoshoot. Shellee makes for a beautiful pregnant mother and her kids are so adorable!

I met Shellee and her family last week. She has two beautiful daughters, Kennedi and Brooklyn. Since they were there for their moms maternity session, I wondered if I would have to entice them to get their photographs done as well….I should have known better…these two little ladies wanted to be in all the photographs! They were so good and cooperative and loved being right next to their parents for all the pics.

Her girls are going to make such excellent big sisters. They were so sweet and fun for the photo session. You can tell by the way they interact with one another and with their pregnant mom.

All for of them were just wonderful to work with…and so polite!

Here is a sneak peak into some photographs from this shoot…


– Jennifer