Little Man Tanner is growing up…

So we have been lucky to have been able to photograph Tanner since he was a baby. Now he is 18 months. I felt like I had not seen him in forever his face has changed so much. He has hair and he’s this long and lean little man that can walk and talk now!

He was verbal in letting me know when I got enough photographs 🙂 He would do a pose then say, “Done!” and we would move to the next spot. I think the honesty in children is hilarious and it is too bad as we become adults we can’t be so blunt and have people find it so adorable.

Tanner went to smell the flowers and I have got to say makes the funniest face when smelling those flowers I am glad to see this expression so I could get a photograph of it.

I am excited about these photographs of Tanner I think we got some really cute ones of him in his Colts jersey and football. But don’t be fooled Tanner’s parents are big Packers fans too! He liked playing with his football, his lawnmower and he found Tommy really interesting and kept sharing his toys with Tommy.

Brian, Amy, & Tanner thanks again for being such loyal and fabulous clients. We appreciate you guys letting us follow and capture the changes in Tanner.

– Jennifer


Mason James

Dan and Molly had us come down to their home to photograph Mason’s newborn photographs.
Tommy has known these two for awhile through mutual college friends.

It was the first time we had been to their house and it was an inspiring place to photograph. I could of probably come up with a million more ideas but I think Mason was about done and I had already gotten so much good stuff.

Mason is a tiny little guy and was patient to put up with the over an hour of shooting we put him through. If I get 15 good minutes with a newborn I am doing pretty good.

Dan and Molly you have a beautiful family and home! Thank you for letting us come down for photographs it was fun and this might be one of the coolest newborn sessions we have been able to do.

We might need to rent your place out for future photo shoots  🙂

I hope you enjoy your sneak peak!

– Jennifer

Lindsay and Family

Lindsay’s mom, Mary Kaye celebrated her birthday by coming back from Naples, Florida and being with her children and grandchildren. We went to West Park in Carmel which is an awesome park for kids. The have an amazing park and water area.  If I were a little one I would love to play in it!

Lindsay is a really cool lady. I remember when she called me and she talked shop. You could tell she had an eye for good art and that photography was really important to her. It was nice talking to someone who was as into it as I am.

She also sells amazing vintage like jewelry I love it and will definitely be getting some.

Lindsay has two children, Charlie & Nora. Charlie is into Spiderman, parks, and being a boy. As soon as we got done with a shot he was off! Which I actually quite like. Because then I can get him in his element. A lot of times Tommy will grab my camera and go after them. Perhaps because he does not trust me to run and shoot pics with my camera. I am fairly uncoordinated 🙂 So Charlie went running towards some huge rocks when we were done with a shot. I get over there and he is laying on his side like a Vogue model. He noticed me and instead of shying away he threw out some poses for the camera.  It was really hilarious. So when you see the pics of Charlie on the rock I did not pose him like that…:)

And Nora is just a doll. She totally could be the next Gerber baby. She was a trooper for our hour session!

I really am excited when we get cool photographs of kids with their grandparents. I think that is such a special thing to have!

Lindsay I can tell you are so much fun! And I look forward to seeing you again…

Thank you for letting us do your photographs and all your insight as well!!!

– Jennifer

Tree Hugger Aida Marta

I have a favorite tree at the IMA. Many of you probably have seen this tree. But never has my tree brought such happiness and really turned a photo shoot around as it did the other day.

Ada was unsure she wanted to be on her own for any photographs. She wanted to be with her mom and dad. Which, to me, is really sweet. Those moments disappear quickly so you have to savor when they want to be stuck to your side. She had hair barrettes with her that she wanted to keep in her hands. She would occasionally choose to put them down on a rock or by a tree and as soon as she realized she put them down she would run back to get them and count them. It was really cute.

This was the case for sweet little Aida until we got to the tree. She discovered the branch that was just about her size. She sat up on the branch and realized she could bounce on the branch and she was delighted. She just lit up it was really sweet.

Thank you Shelley, Mark & Aida for letting me do your photographs! I think you guys are a great family and you are wonderful parents! She is a smart little girl.

Enjoy the sneak peak the others will be up soon!

– Jennifer

Jessica’s Family

Tommy & I met Jessica and Michael when we went to Brussels to photograph Rhonda & Matt’s wedding. They don’t live far from us and we ended up getting together again this past year to plan with a group of friends a charity event raising money for cancer research. (Rise Up Against Cancer)

She asked us if we could do her families photographs. And the weather held out and cooperated for us and we got the shots on Thursday which I am so glad we did because her brother is leaving for active duty to go overseas in a couple of months.

This was one of our favorite photo sessions. We had a blast. With a group this size you have to be a little creative with your posing and we had a good time! It doesn’t hurt that they are a fun and nice looking family either 🙂

Thanks Jessica & Family for letting us do your photographs! It was a blast.

– Jennifer

My Labor of Love…

I have never cried immediately upon hearing good news…maybe never is an exaggeration. We all know I cry at just about anything. But when my dear friend Angela told me she was engaged…I cried. I got off the phone and recounted the whole story for Tommy and could not get through all the details without crying. I probably looked like a ridiculous site that day. [Editors note: yea…you did 😉  ]

So my friend is engaged. She is such a selfless, sincere, compassionate, amazing mother, daughter, friend, and now fiance! I am so excited for her.

This will be a special day for all of us. And of course most of all her and Ladale. But they feel like family to many of us. So I am counting down the days until we get to be there for them.

You have seen Angela’s daughters photographs in blogs and all over our website. In some photographs with Maya. Many of you also know that inadvertanly her daughter helped inspire the company name, along with Maya and Megan. Aria is over the moon excited about the big news. Aria, Angela, and Ladale will have a full, exciting, and happy life.

I could not be more happy for the three of you!

I hope you guys love your photographs you were so easy and fun to work with!

– Jennifer

[Editor’s note: I have money that says she cried when she wrote this]

P.S. – I Always let Aria snap some shots too…she loves the camera…here are some gems that she took herself!

Big Blue Eyes…and a little ‘Blue Steel’

Cooper will kill the ladies someday…This little 14 month old has the longest eyelashes I have ever seen and the biggest blue eyes. And some curls to go along with it.

He is adorable.

This if my first time getting to photograph Jill, Dave, and Cooper. And Cooper was unsure about it at first. He was a little serious but very quickly warmed up.

As soon as he warmed up he was off and going all over the place.

This is a really fun age to photograph. Some people think that it might not be so great because the subject is on the loose but I think if you go with wherever they lead you the results will be amazing.

Jill & Dave,  I can’t wait to get the other photographs up for you because he is so cute in them! Thank you for letting me do your families photographs you guys were so much fun to work with.

– Jennifer

P.S. (editor’s note by Tommy)
I just noticed that in one of these pictures, Cooper is doing a great Ben Stiller impression with a nice Blue Steel face…check it out below…along with other great photos from the session!

Baby Blue Steel (above)