My Labor of Love…

I have never cried immediately upon hearing good news…maybe never is an exaggeration. We all know I cry at just about anything. But when my dear friend Angela told me she was engaged…I cried. I got off the phone and recounted the whole story for Tommy and could not get through all the details without crying. I probably looked like a ridiculous site that day. [Editors note: yea…you did 😉  ]

So my friend is engaged. She is such a selfless, sincere, compassionate, amazing mother, daughter, friend, and now fiance! I am so excited for her.

This will be a special day for all of us. And of course most of all her and Ladale. But they feel like family to many of us. So I am counting down the days until we get to be there for them.

You have seen Angela’s daughters photographs in blogs and all over our website. In some photographs with Maya. Many of you also know that inadvertanly her daughter helped inspire the company name, along with Maya and Megan. Aria is over the moon excited about the big news. Aria, Angela, and Ladale will have a full, exciting, and happy life.

I could not be more happy for the three of you!

I hope you guys love your photographs you were so easy and fun to work with!

– Jennifer

[Editor’s note: I have money that says she cried when she wrote this]

P.S. – I Always let Aria snap some shots too…she loves the camera…here are some gems that she took herself!

Samantha & Nick

Sam is my little cousin…all grown up and now getting married!
Her fiancee is this super easy going, cool guy by the name of Nick. He reminds me of my little brother Michael infact.

They were really sweet with one another. When I wasn’t snapping photographs they were looking at one another cracking jokes. The love they have for one another is rather apparent.

I am glad Tommy and I get to be a part of their wedding day!

Congrats Sam! You and Nick seem like a perfect fit.

Enjoy your sneak peak we will have all your photographs up soon!

– Jennifer

Amber & Ty

Amber and Ty are going to ‘tie the knot’ on August 15th. We got out on Monday to do the engagement photographs at the IMA.

This cute couple are the kind of people that look good together. They fit.
Ty was fun and so easy going during the session. I mention this only because I know it is right on top of the list of things guys don’t look forward to doing. A photo session is typically an hour they could care less about. But I don’t thunk Ty felt that way…and if he did…he’s a good actor  😉

You can see their personalities come out in the photographs! They are fun and easy going.

We look forward to shooting & DJing the wedding!

– Jennifer

Just 10 minutes away…

We just spent a really great weekend out in DC taking some fun pictures with my good friend Shilpa nd her finacee, Brian.  I have to say, brian is a great guy.  I have met him on occasion but have never really had the chance hang out with him for an extended period.  Brian & Shilpa’s personalities go together perfectly.  He is quite the gentlemen.  Maybe too much so…Jennifer gave me more than one “why don’t you do that kind-of-thing” nudges…hahahaha

In all seriousness, we did have a fantastic time.  You are probably wondering by now, what’s up with the title of this post? If not, you should be. Anytime diring the weekend, when someone would ask how long until we get there or how far away something was, Brian would always say “About 10 minutes.” So it got be be the running joke, no matter what the question…if it was about time…the answer was “About 10 minutes.” Apparently, that’s just how it is in DC…you are pretty close to everything.

We love you guys out there in DC…enjoy every minute of your engagement…your wedding is right around the corner!

“When is their wedding?” you ask.

“In about 10 minutes.”

– Tommy


Enjoy some of the great pictures we took below:


Stephanie and Nick are some of the most open minded clients I have had the pleasure of doing engagement photographs for. They were willing,in the cold, to take off their shoes and walk in a creek and through the mud in the heels and cowboy boots. The results are fun and beautiful all at the same time. Really sweet and fun photographs. Here are some of my favorites from our day in Plainfield. We look forward to photographing your wedding next year!

– Jennifer

I ♥ Tierneys

Kevin and Katie’s wedding was perfect! From start to finish. Tommy and I left and talked about how much fun it was. We usually don’t have weddings where the whole bridal party are so relatable and understanding. Everyone really had a “go-with-the-flow” attitude. We truly enjoyed hanging out with all of them!

The wedding was at a quaint place up in Michigan, Walden Woods, and the day had absolutely beautiful weather. The images have turned out great so far. I took thousands of images! And am not even near finished editing them. But thought that everyone deserved a little peak before I get all done.

Kevin & Katie, thank you so much for making us a part of your day. You could not of asked for a better day. It all went without a hitch.

I will be in touch soon with all the pics for you to enjoy and for now have fun checking out these few images!

– Jennifer

Nicole and Michael…Seredipity?

When I first met Michael and Nicole I heard a story of how they met…I thought it was like something you would hear in a fairy tale.

Then I met Micheal’s mother, Jan, the day of the wedding and she filled me in with more detail. The story became more unbelievable.

This wedding was met to be.

Nicole called it years ago…
Long story short this beautiful couple met in Florida while on vacation in high school. They are both from Indiana but met in Florida. They wrote letters and tried to keep in touch but the miles that separated them seemed insurmountable. But not for long. Years later Michael goes to Ball State to see some friends. He runs into Nicole again. This time they let nothing get in between their love.

After their beautiful and fun wedding they are now on their way to a happily ever after. Tommy and I had an absolute blast. From every detail from the customized coozies, to the beautiful decorating of the reception site the event will be one everyone will remember for a long time to come.

Thank you Michael and Nicole for letting us be a part of your very special day.

– Jennifer

Here are a few photographs from the big day!