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First of all I have to say Ginny you are the official first blog made in our new blog set up! You guys will find on all blogs after this bigger photo’s, easy ways to post comments and hopefully it is easier to navigate around.

Last October I photographed Paige and Baby D (not to be confused with Big D, Tommy’s friend and I originally thought was Baby D’s nickname as well 🙂

On Sunday, we got to do it again. Last year, I remember them both being cooperative and good…and it was just a good session overall…I certainly didn’t remember this little comedian, Paige, that showed up this year.

She was saying the funniest things!

She was a riot and talkative and completely independent. She even remembered exactly where she posed for a photo last time and was definitely disappointed when she realized that someone was in her special spot when she needed to replicate a particular pose from the past session! It cracked us up. But what was really sweet was she kept hugging my leg. For seemingly no reason. Now I have no problem with forcing the hugs out of kids but it feels a lot better when they just do it. Because we all know you can’t make a kid like you. They have their own impressions they make about people so I thought that was really sweet.

Now Tommy got on Baby D’s good side by being the ‘bubble blower.’ That’s right, you’d be surprised how happy those 99 cents can make a child. If only something that cost only 99 cents could bring such unimaginable joy to my life. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if bubbles could make us ecstatic? Well Baby D totally screamed with joy over the bubbles I am so glad we had them.

A couple of things Paige said that was funny to me that you guys will have to make a note of so you never forget…you will laugh about it for days to come…

-“my dad is totally the craziest person” (when asked who is funnier…mom or dad)
-“look at that hog” (after seeing a hawk flying above)
-“oh my gosh, look at that, you’ve got to be kidding me dude!” (upon seeing a really large tree)
-“I’m being really good” (for no reason as we were walking to another spot for pictures)

Paige also took her grandma’s sunglasses for a few shots. She has her poses all planned and knew exactly what to do.

Ginny you are such a pleasure to work with! You guys are a fun family and we hope to see more of you.

– Jennifer











Baby Baylor Russell

Cortnie & Jon had baby Baylor about 11 days ago…and according to Cortnie…they’ve gone through about 96 diapers already!!

Baylor is tiny with a head full of beautiful long brown hair.

Tommy and Jon go way back. They went to Rose-Hulman together and both graduated as Civil engineers. Tommy has since moved on from engineering…but Jon is going strong.

Since Tommy is good friends with these two and they have a sense of humor I think we put Baby Baylor through a series of photographs that we would not normally make a normal baby have to experience. But it was fun and cute to do.

I think they will make you laugh. You should let us know what you think. Obviously Baylor’s parents are huge Cubbie fans….not that I needed to tell you this..I think after seeing a few of these photographs it will seem quite apparent.

Baylor was awake and asleep for the photographs and I am really excited about the the photographs we got of him.

Thank you Jon and Cortnie for letting us do your photographs and thinking of us!

– Jennifer

Brittany & Mike

It has been a while since we have done some maternity photographs. But I think many of you know it is one of my favorite kind of sessions to do! I think part of the reason is I regret not having photographs of myself pregnant.

But mostly I think pregnancy is amazing and beautiful! I think it need to be captured. The process of pregnancy and child birth is the most remarkable and lovely experiences you can have the pleasure of having in your lifetime.

Mike and Brittany were so cooperative and wonderful for the whole session. I was especially impressed with Mike because I know guys are really usually not into the whole thing and he was sweet and encouraging and most of all smiled for the photo’s!

Brittany is due in just a couple of weeks! I remember that time…right before…it was an anxious time for me. Brittany enjoy each day with Mike and the two of you and I hope your water birth delivery goes smoothly!


– Jennifer

Happiest Baby on the Block, Trent

Liz knows just what to do to get Trent to smile. Which sometimes can be a challenge…

He is such a sweet little boy! It was funny we put him on the ground and you know 6 month old’s are a little wobbly and so we put him down and he was pretty good…and then he fell back on his head. I thought this would scare him and he would probably start to cry.
But he laid there and realized he liked the grass on his face. It was funny he just stayed right there on his back…perfectly still as to not disturb any grass around him.

Normally, at 6 months old, you can only do so much with them. But this kid has a lot of personality already so we got a lot of different expressions and variety out of his session.

Our thanks goes out to our friend Leslie for spreading the word. Leslie is Elizabeth’s, Trent’s mom, cousin. She got her a session as a baby shower gift.  We enjoyed photographing Trent, he was a piece of cake!

Enjoy this sneak peak I hope you love them!

– Jennifer

Little Man Tanner is growing up…

So we have been lucky to have been able to photograph Tanner since he was a baby. Now he is 18 months. I felt like I had not seen him in forever his face has changed so much. He has hair and he’s this long and lean little man that can walk and talk now!

He was verbal in letting me know when I got enough photographs 🙂 He would do a pose then say, “Done!” and we would move to the next spot. I think the honesty in children is hilarious and it is too bad as we become adults we can’t be so blunt and have people find it so adorable.

Tanner went to smell the flowers and I have got to say makes the funniest face when smelling those flowers I am glad to see this expression so I could get a photograph of it.

I am excited about these photographs of Tanner I think we got some really cute ones of him in his Colts jersey and football. But don’t be fooled Tanner’s parents are big Packers fans too! He liked playing with his football, his lawnmower and he found Tommy really interesting and kept sharing his toys with Tommy.

Brian, Amy, & Tanner thanks again for being such loyal and fabulous clients. We appreciate you guys letting us follow and capture the changes in Tanner.

– Jennifer

Sophia Turns One…

Val, Sophia and Ali met us yesterday morning for photographs.

Sophia is a beautiful little girl…almost one year old! She was so cute in her tutu and other outfits her mom picked out for her. Normally she is crawling around and busy moving but with 6’6″ Tommy and me with my camera I think she was confused for a bit and sat perfectly still looking straight ahead. It was pretty funny.

Then she warmed up and we thought lets go put Sophia in the grass where it is soft surely it will be easier to crawl there but the grass freaked her out a bit. She must have that ‘sensitive grass gene’ like her father. (j/k) So then we stopped at the green bridge as our last stop before heading out…she decided that she would like the surface of the bridge for whatever reason for and started crawling and went scooting around.

Sophia did this really cute pose when we took her clothes off and tried to get her to crawl. She sat in the grass with her left leg bent and her arm resting on her knee…only a photograph could do it justice so enjoy this one of her and this cute pose…

She also thought it might be a good idea to eat sticks or leaves found on the bridge. However she has good parents that have taught her not to eat these things. But she would pick them up and hold them out to Tommy to see if he wanted to eat it. Then she would look at her parents and shake her head No. Knowing the answer…

Val and Ali are these kind of parents that you can tell definitely realize the gift they have and know what is important in life. They don’t take her for granted that is for sure.  And they even commented on just how special Sophia was and that they think their family is complete.

When you meet families like that you don’t have to work to make good photographs but the natural emotions come through very clear.

Thank you for letting us do your photographs! Tommy and I really enjoyed hanging out with you guys and he will certainly talk Family Guy with you anytime Ali  🙂

– Jennifer

Mason James

Dan and Molly had us come down to their home to photograph Mason’s newborn photographs.
Tommy has known these two for awhile through mutual college friends.

It was the first time we had been to their house and it was an inspiring place to photograph. I could of probably come up with a million more ideas but I think Mason was about done and I had already gotten so much good stuff.

Mason is a tiny little guy and was patient to put up with the over an hour of shooting we put him through. If I get 15 good minutes with a newborn I am doing pretty good.

Dan and Molly you have a beautiful family and home! Thank you for letting us come down for photographs it was fun and this might be one of the coolest newborn sessions we have been able to do.

We might need to rent your place out for future photo shoots  🙂

I hope you enjoy your sneak peak!

– Jennifer