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First of all I have to say Ginny you are the official first blog made in our new blog set up! You guys will find on all blogs after this bigger photo’s, easy ways to post comments and hopefully it is easier to navigate around.

Last October I photographed Paige and Baby D (not to be confused with Big D, Tommy’s friend and I originally thought was Baby D’s nickname as well 🙂

On Sunday, we got to do it again. Last year, I remember them both being cooperative and good…and it was just a good session overall…I certainly didn’t remember this little comedian, Paige, that showed up this year.

She was saying the funniest things!

She was a riot and talkative and completely independent. She even remembered exactly where she posed for a photo last time and was definitely disappointed when she realized that someone was in her special spot when she needed to replicate a particular pose from the past session! It cracked us up. But what was really sweet was she kept hugging my leg. For seemingly no reason. Now I have no problem with forcing the hugs out of kids but it feels a lot better when they just do it. Because we all know you can’t make a kid like you. They have their own impressions they make about people so I thought that was really sweet.

Now Tommy got on Baby D’s good side by being the ‘bubble blower.’ That’s right, you’d be surprised how happy those 99 cents can make a child. If only something that cost only 99 cents could bring such unimaginable joy to my life. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if bubbles could make us ecstatic? Well Baby D totally screamed with joy over the bubbles I am so glad we had them.

A couple of things Paige said that was funny to me that you guys will have to make a note of so you never forget…you will laugh about it for days to come…

-“my dad is totally the craziest person” (when asked who is funnier…mom or dad)
-“look at that hog” (after seeing a hawk flying above)
-“oh my gosh, look at that, you’ve got to be kidding me dude!” (upon seeing a really large tree)
-“I’m being really good” (for no reason as we were walking to another spot for pictures)

Paige also took her grandma’s sunglasses for a few shots. She has her poses all planned and knew exactly what to do.

Ginny you are such a pleasure to work with! You guys are a fun family and we hope to see more of you.

– Jennifer











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