Happiest Baby on the Block, Trent

Liz knows just what to do to get Trent to smile. Which sometimes can be a challenge…

He is such a sweet little boy! It was funny we put him on the ground and you know 6 month old’s are a little wobbly and so we put him down and he was pretty good…and then he fell back on his head. I thought this would scare him and he would probably start to cry.
But he laid there and realized he liked the grass on his face. It was funny he just stayed right there on his back…perfectly still as to not disturb any grass around him.

Normally, at 6 months old, you can only do so much with them. But this kid has a lot of personality already so we got a lot of different expressions and variety out of his session.

Our thanks goes out to our friend Leslie for spreading the word. Leslie is Elizabeth’s, Trent’s mom, cousin. She got her a session as a baby shower gift.  We enjoyed photographing Trent, he was a piece of cake!

Enjoy this sneak peak I hope you love them!

– Jennifer


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