Baby Baylor Russell

Cortnie & Jon had baby Baylor about 11 days ago…and according to Cortnie…they’ve gone through about 96 diapers already!!

Baylor is tiny with a head full of beautiful long brown hair.

Tommy and Jon go way back. They went to Rose-Hulman together and both graduated as Civil engineers. Tommy has since moved on from engineering…but Jon is going strong.

Since Tommy is good friends with these two and they have a sense of humor I think we put Baby Baylor through a series of photographs that we would not normally make a normal baby have to experience. But it was fun and cute to do.

I think they will make you laugh. You should let us know what you think. Obviously Baylor’s parents are huge Cubbie fans….not that I needed to tell you this..I think after seeing a few of these photographs it will seem quite apparent.

Baylor was awake and asleep for the photographs and I am really excited about the the photographs we got of him.

Thank you Jon and Cortnie for letting us do your photographs and thinking of us!

– Jennifer


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