Sophia Turns One…

Val, Sophia and Ali met us yesterday morning for photographs.

Sophia is a beautiful little girl…almost one year old! She was so cute in her tutu and other outfits her mom picked out for her. Normally she is crawling around and busy moving but with 6’6″ Tommy and me with my camera I think she was confused for a bit and sat perfectly still looking straight ahead. It was pretty funny.

Then she warmed up and we thought lets go put Sophia in the grass where it is soft surely it will be easier to crawl there but the grass freaked her out a bit. She must have that ‘sensitive grass gene’ like her father. (j/k) So then we stopped at the green bridge as our last stop before heading out…she decided that she would like the surface of the bridge for whatever reason for and started crawling and went scooting around.

Sophia did this really cute pose when we took her clothes off and tried to get her to crawl. She sat in the grass with her left leg bent and her arm resting on her knee…only a photograph could do it justice so enjoy this one of her and this cute pose…

She also thought it might be a good idea to eat sticks or leaves found on the bridge. However she has good parents that have taught her not to eat these things. But she would pick them up and hold them out to Tommy to see if he wanted to eat it. Then she would look at her parents and shake her head No. Knowing the answer…

Val and Ali are these kind of parents that you can tell definitely realize the gift they have and know what is important in life. They don’t take her for granted that is for sure.  And they even commented on just how special Sophia was and that they think their family is complete.

When you meet families like that you don’t have to work to make good photographs but the natural emotions come through very clear.

Thank you for letting us do your photographs! Tommy and I really enjoyed hanging out with you guys and he will certainly talk Family Guy with you anytime Ali  šŸ™‚

– Jennifer


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