Little Man Tanner is growing up…

So we have been lucky to have been able to photograph Tanner since he was a baby. Now he is 18 months. I felt like I had not seen him in forever his face has changed so much. He has hair and he’s this long and lean little man that can walk and talk now!

He was verbal in letting me know when I got enough photographs 🙂 He would do a pose then say, “Done!” and we would move to the next spot. I think the honesty in children is hilarious and it is too bad as we become adults we can’t be so blunt and have people find it so adorable.

Tanner went to smell the flowers and I have got to say makes the funniest face when smelling those flowers I am glad to see this expression so I could get a photograph of it.

I am excited about these photographs of Tanner I think we got some really cute ones of him in his Colts jersey and football. But don’t be fooled Tanner’s parents are big Packers fans too! He liked playing with his football, his lawnmower and he found Tommy really interesting and kept sharing his toys with Tommy.

Brian, Amy, & Tanner thanks again for being such loyal and fabulous clients. We appreciate you guys letting us follow and capture the changes in Tanner.

– Jennifer


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