Lindsay and Family

Lindsay’s mom, Mary Kaye celebrated her birthday by coming back from Naples, Florida and being with her children and grandchildren. We went to West Park in Carmel which is an awesome park for kids. The have an amazing park and water area.  If I were a little one I would love to play in it!

Lindsay is a really cool lady. I remember when she called me and she talked shop. You could tell she had an eye for good art and that photography was really important to her. It was nice talking to someone who was as into it as I am.

She also sells amazing vintage like jewelry I love it and will definitely be getting some.

Lindsay has two children, Charlie & Nora. Charlie is into Spiderman, parks, and being a boy. As soon as we got done with a shot he was off! Which I actually quite like. Because then I can get him in his element. A lot of times Tommy will grab my camera and go after them. Perhaps because he does not trust me to run and shoot pics with my camera. I am fairly uncoordinated 🙂 So Charlie went running towards some huge rocks when we were done with a shot. I get over there and he is laying on his side like a Vogue model. He noticed me and instead of shying away he threw out some poses for the camera.  It was really hilarious. So when you see the pics of Charlie on the rock I did not pose him like that…:)

And Nora is just a doll. She totally could be the next Gerber baby. She was a trooper for our hour session!

I really am excited when we get cool photographs of kids with their grandparents. I think that is such a special thing to have!

Lindsay I can tell you are so much fun! And I look forward to seeing you again…

Thank you for letting us do your photographs and all your insight as well!!!

– Jennifer


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