Tree Hugger Aida Marta

I have a favorite tree at the IMA. Many of you probably have seen this tree. But never has my tree brought such happiness and really turned a photo shoot around as it did the other day.

Ada was unsure she wanted to be on her own for any photographs. She wanted to be with her mom and dad. Which, to me, is really sweet. Those moments disappear quickly so you have to savor when they want to be stuck to your side. She had hair barrettes with her that she wanted to keep in her hands. She would occasionally choose to put them down on a rock or by a tree and as soon as she realized she put them down she would run back to get them and count them. It was really cute.

This was the case for sweet little Aida until we got to the tree. She discovered the branch that was just about her size. She sat up on the branch and realized she could bounce on the branch and she was delighted. She just lit up it was really sweet.

Thank you Shelley, Mark & Aida for letting me do your photographs! I think you guys are a great family and you are wonderful parents! She is a smart little girl.

Enjoy the sneak peak the others will be up soon!

– Jennifer


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