My Labor of Love…

I have never cried immediately upon hearing good news…maybe never is an exaggeration. We all know I cry at just about anything. But when my dear friend Angela told me she was engaged…I cried. I got off the phone and recounted the whole story for Tommy and could not get through all the details without crying. I probably looked like a ridiculous site that day. [Editors note: yea…you did 😉  ]

So my friend is engaged. She is such a selfless, sincere, compassionate, amazing mother, daughter, friend, and now fiance! I am so excited for her.

This will be a special day for all of us. And of course most of all her and Ladale. But they feel like family to many of us. So I am counting down the days until we get to be there for them.

You have seen Angela’s daughters photographs in blogs and all over our website. In some photographs with Maya. Many of you also know that inadvertanly her daughter helped inspire the company name, along with Maya and Megan. Aria is over the moon excited about the big news. Aria, Angela, and Ladale will have a full, exciting, and happy life.

I could not be more happy for the three of you!

I hope you guys love your photographs you were so easy and fun to work with!

– Jennifer

[Editor’s note: I have money that says she cried when she wrote this]

P.S. – I Always let Aria snap some shots too…she loves the camera…here are some gems that she took herself!

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