Big Blue Eyes…and a little ‘Blue Steel’

Cooper will kill the ladies someday…This little 14 month old has the longest eyelashes I have ever seen and the biggest blue eyes. And some curls to go along with it.

He is adorable.

This if my first time getting to photograph Jill, Dave, and Cooper. And Cooper was unsure about it at first. He was a little serious but very quickly warmed up.

As soon as he warmed up he was off and going all over the place.

This is a really fun age to photograph. Some people think that it might not be so great because the subject is on the loose but I think if you go with wherever they lead you the results will be amazing.

Jill & Dave,  I can’t wait to get the other photographs up for you because he is so cute in them! Thank you for letting me do your families photographs you guys were so much fun to work with.

– Jennifer

P.S. (editor’s note by Tommy)
I just noticed that in one of these pictures, Cooper is doing a great Ben Stiller impression with a nice Blue Steel face…check it out below…along with other great photos from the session!

Baby Blue Steel (above)

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