Our Pay it Forward Contest Winners Announced!

So we set forth at the start of April with a request for any and all of you that knew someone in need that could benefit from a photo session with all the goodies to shoot us an email with their story.

So you did and you guys really came through on some touching stories. Trust me we wanted to give everyone the package. So we decided to give two grand prizes away.

The first story came from the mother of a beautiful family that we have been lucky enough to have photographed in the past. We started photographing them when Jamie got pregnant with Gavin. Jamie, Nick and Gavin are great parents and have such a cute little boy.  Above is a picture of the three of them from last fall.

Jamie nominated her sister and best friend Carrie. Jamie had so much to say about her.

Here is a little excerpt from the email she sent me:

“She’s an amazing mom, wife, sister, friend, neighbor, coworker…whatever relationship people have with her, I count them fortunate to have it! She’s warm and caring, funny but sensitive, stylish but low-key, and always positive.

The past year has been hard for them. Marcus had to take a job in Ft Wayne at a factory due to the slowing economy, his former job was at risk. He stayed with family there and Carrie functioned as a “single mom” in Alexandria for months- working full time, going to college at night, and still somehow being a great mom.”

Jamie we really appreciate you sending in this touching story. I am sure everyone would love to have a sister and Aunt just like you.

We look forward to doing wonderful family photographs for Carrie, Marcus, Aiden, & Logan.

Our second winner came to us on the last day of the contest and it really touched our hearts. You can’t help but feel compassion for someone going through an experience like this with their little one.
Debbie Starling sent in this story.  And here is an excerpt:

“I have a friend with a little guy born in Jan. that has Osteogenises Imperfecta which is a type of brittle bone disease. He can’t be taken out much because of his many fractures in his short life. Just putting him in the car seat can break a bone. She has tried having pictures done before and most people don’t have the patience to deal with him. She has 3 other children and although at times it may be rough and inconvient she takes very good care of all of them.She is a very big picture person and for her to not have good pictures of her newest little boy breaks our hearts. She is a wonderful mother and deserves this opportunity very much!”
I really look forward to this photo session. Even though we will be taking precautions and being careful, I believe we can do it and come out with beautiful images just like we do for our other families. And he does deserve that.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a story. To those of you whose stories we did not choose we still have something for your candidates and will be emailing you shortly with the details.

To Jamie and Debbie if you could contact us with contact info for your friends and sister we can touch base and get a session scheduled for them.

Have a wonderful day! Thank you to our wonderful clients and friends who took the time to do this.

– Jennifer


As a reminder…the ‘Pay it Forward’ package includes:

1 – photo session
1 – custom 20×20 photo collage
50 – Custom Holiday Cards
$100 – print credit


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