Braylon Kerney

I met this lady named Jules a few years ago through one of my best friends Megan.

Jules is someone you never forget. And she’ll definitely leave a big impression on you. She is interesting and fun and creative. When she got her sister a newborn session as a gift, I could not wait to go meet relatives of Jules.

Jules’ sister Lisa’s voice sounds, to me, just like Jules…and looks so much like her, yet with Brown hair…and no patchouli.

Little Braylon Kerney was really happy in moms arms. And took a minute to warm up to the idea of getting his picture taken. But this is fairly typical with newborn photographs. We ended up getting some really sweet images of tiny Braylon. He has a million different expressions.

I put a few of his images with his different expressions here for you guys to see.

Thank you Lisa, Brian and Jules for having me come do your little ones photographs! You guys were so sweet and made me feel very welcome.

Enjoy your sneak peak I will have your other photographs up for you to see soon!

– Jennifer


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