Session Prices Changing & Weekend Availability

Summertime is almost here! And if you are anything like most people, the summer time is hectic and weekends are planned out weeks or months in advance.

So that got us thinking we should let you guys know our last few weekend dates we are still free for sessions. Some more might open up but this is what we have available right now so if you would like to book a session this summer or fall we should book it as soon as possible.

Another good reason to book now our session prices for weekends are going to go up on June 1st.

Available Weekends:
May 17th
May 23rd  & 24th
June 13th
July 25th & 26th
Aug 2nd
Aug 23rd
Sept 13th
Sept 20th
Oct 4th
Oct 11th

Now we still have plenty of availability during the week anytime morning, noon or night.

But if you want to pay for your session now for this spring, summer or fall to get our current prices that is fine just let us know.

We would also encourage any of you who like to do Fall pics or Holiday cards to book those sessions a few months in advance. As I know last year we booked up and this year we are already booked all Saturdays in October and most in Sept and November.

Thanks so much we look forward to seeing you!

– Jennifer


Here are our new session prices, effective June 1, 2009:
Weekday Session: $75 (stays the same)
Weekend Session: $100


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