Happy Belated Easter!

I look at holidays much different now then I use too.

When Maya was born so were holidays. To see them through a child’s eyes is amazing and beautiful. Nothing is more important.

Then when you lose someone that is the most important person to you those holidays seems especially cruel.

I am writing this blog here for all of you to see because I know many of my clients and friends have had tragic loss of their own. And I know for many of us just how impossible life seems afterwards.

However I now make new memories and I find joy in different things. They will never be the same or even as enjoyable, at least that is how it seems at this point.

But I remember Maya and her exuberance for all the tiny details. Her energy, smile, voice and the smell of her hair, the way it would curl up in the humidity and always get matted in the back during car rides.

So what does any of this have to do with Baby Grace or photography. Well kind of everything. Do you know my most valuable possessions in my life are the photographs I own. Without those coping would be so different. I am surrounded by photographs of her through every phase of her life. I feel blessed to have a few of her with my grandma’s and all of our friends. Here are a couple of photographs of Maya with her best friend Aria on Easter looking for Easter eggs.

When Maya was alive I had to work every single Easter, regrettably. I wish I could take that back now. I remember running to Target at 11pm the night before Easter getting her basket together. Spending time with her before and after work on Sunday.

So take time out for your family & friends. If you can not work as much you wont regret it later in life. Take lots of snap shots. Get good family photographs. Record their little voices.

And remember just how special today is. I try to treat all my days like they are gifts.

Thanks for reading!

Much Love

– Jennifer


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