Coming to Towne…

Well, we had a really fun photoshoot last weekend. We photoed Michelle & Brad’s new baby girl.

Michelle & Brad are a real cute couple who recently moved back to the Indianapolis area from our beloved Chicago. They loved it up there, as most people seem to, but felt here was the right place to raise their brand new baby girl.

Towne Elizabeth. What a perfect name. So cute.I love it so much! What an amazing little girl. She was virtually perfect for the whole photoshoot, which is rare.  We only had to do the pacifier trick a couple of times towards the end. Not a peep when we were placing her in bowls and on shelves and just having a great creative time with her and her parents.

Her parents were a lot of fun and had a great place for doing photographs.

Thank you Michelle and Brad for letting us come and do Townes first photographs! We really appreciate it and of course we had a great time.  Enjoy your time with your beautiful little one!

Here is a sneak peak into a few of your photographs…

– Jennifer


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