Ella & Cameron with baby sister Harper…

Ella and Cameron were one of our first of photo sessions when Tommy and I started our new business together. We really loved that session with them. We lost track of time and felt inspired and creative. Not too mention they were both a lot of fun and really easy to work with.

It was kind of one of those perfect days. We played and took great photographs and the kids had fun.

I think we even feel like we know them better then we actually do because they have been adorning the splash page on our website for so long now…and of course many pages on the main site as well.

Yesterday we got to go to their beautiful new home and take photographs of their 3 month old Harper and the whole family. It was such a great place for photos. So much open space and wonderful window lighting all throughout.

In fact, it was tough getting Tommy to leave, because, like Tommy, Mike is a big technology junkie, and he spent a while showing us his cool gadgets and setups.

Tommy had two little helpers, Cameron & Ella, for holding the reflector. And at other times, he had to children on his feet as shoes keeping him occupied. It really was a great time had by all.

Tommy wants to go back so he can finish playing legos on the Nintendo Wii…what a cool little game concept!

Mike & heather certainly have a great home and an even better family. Keep up the good work guys! We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Enjoy some photos until we get the rest finished…



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