…and Mary Makes Three!

Kim works at the hospital…even though we did not know each other well when I worked there I have had the privilege of taking her children’s photographs a couple of times in the last 6 months or so…

What’s funny is the first time we did our session this past fall I don’t think Anna or Kate were real thrilled with the concept of me taking their photograph. Sometimes kids just need a little warming up. But it turns out the pictures from that session ended up being some of my favorites.

We got to go to their home yesterday to photograph the newest edition to the family, sweet little Mary. What a beautiful little baby!

Anna was so cute as usual. She spent the first 30 minutes or so hiding from Tommy and I under her covers…but she ended up coming out of her shell and shining through in some beautiful shots.

Thanks again Kim for choosing us do your family photographs! You have 3 beautiful and wonderful little girls! We hope, even though you are moving, we will be able to do some more sessions with you guys.Maybe we’ll even trek up to the farm for some fun photos!

Enjoy a little preview of your photos below!

~ Jennifer


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