Just 10 minutes away…

We just spent a really great weekend out in DC taking some fun pictures with my good friend Shilpa nd her finacee, Brian.  I have to say, brian is a great guy.  I have met him on occasion but have never really had the chance hang out with him for an extended period.  Brian & Shilpa’s personalities go together perfectly.  He is quite the gentlemen.  Maybe too much so…Jennifer gave me more than one “why don’t you do that kind-of-thing” nudges…hahahaha

In all seriousness, we did have a fantastic time.  You are probably wondering by now, what’s up with the title of this post? If not, you should be. Anytime diring the weekend, when someone would ask how long until we get there or how far away something was, Brian would always say “About 10 minutes.” So it got be be the running joke, no matter what the question…if it was about time…the answer was “About 10 minutes.” Apparently, that’s just how it is in DC…you are pretty close to everything.

We love you guys out there in DC…enjoy every minute of your engagement…your wedding is right around the corner!

“When is their wedding?” you ask.

“In about 10 minutes.”

– Tommy


Enjoy some of the great pictures we took below:


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