Beth and Josh’s beautiful wedding day!

I met Josh for the first time at a bonfire of mutual friends. I thought he was the nicest guy and seemed like a mini-me version of our own Tommy. He had the curls and longer hair and beard. I am fairly certain I never knew his first name only ever referring to him as Ratts. I knew he was cool when he was the only one to offer to run downtown maybe a couple of miles to the circle from Tommy’s apartment when the Colts won the superbowl!

Beth, I had only met once at a surprise birthday party for Tommy but she was so nice. You could tell they made a wonderful couple.
So now with the curls and beard gone…deep down it is the same Ratts.

I was excited when they asked Tommy and I to photograph and DJ their wedding.
They were so much fun. Their parents were the last ones on the dance floor and they all enjoyed themselves. They have amazing family and friends.

They have a family tradition to make a quilt for the new couple and this has been passed down for years and years. That was a really special moment to watch. One of the bridesmaids and cousins ( I will let you stay anonymous 😉 Is the life of the party and really got people going on the dance floor.

Tommy and I had a truly wonderful time at this wedding. Everything went off without a hitch! Thank you for being so wonderful and down for fun things in the photographs.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the wedding day!

– Jennifer


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