Grace is 6 going on 30…

I met Grace last week to do her ‘6 year old’ photographs. She instantly charmed me. I am a sucker for babies and kids anyhow, but really…this little girl I could’ve taken her home and hung out with her all day long. She was funny and reminded me of my daughter in a few ways.

What really got me was the whole time we were doing photographs when I would set the shot up she would say, “Miss Jennifer I think you should take 4 of this picture.” Then she would tell me what she thought would make a good photograph. I kept laughing at her and she said, ” I love making you laugh! ” I thought what little kid thinks like this. It was really cute.

Then she offered to carry my backpack with my gear in it. I knew it was kind of heavy but she wanted to carry it anyway. I asked her if she was my assistant how much would she want to be paid. “Only 90 hundred dollars,” she said. Then she said, “but I would take $5,” hahahahahaha!.

I happened to have a five in my pocket, so I decided to give it to her. She whispered to her mom, “I should of asked for 10.” So cute.

She use to call pine cones rain cones which I thought was cute. I like the photographs we did of those in her hands. She also wanted her mom in the photographs which is just precious really. Too quickly kids go off and grow up and so those moments they want you right next them in photographs is something to cherish for sure.

I look forward to seeing Grace and all her cute freckles again some day soon.

Thanks Kristen for everything. I had a lot of fun hanging out with the two of you!

– Jennifer


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