Jack struts the catwalk…

So little Jack and his parents Dawn and Pete met me early the other morning at the IMA. As soon as I saw little 2 year old Jack he was all smiles. Quite the ladies man this one was.

He was so cute in his brown sweater and button down shirt…but what really got me was how we were walking around the grounds. I had stopped taking photographs and was just walking and talking to his parents. Jack was walking right behind us and when I turned around to look at Jack, I picked up my camera and he immediately took a step back and did a 360 just as you would see on a catwalk. As he spun around his eyes looked straight up at the camera and he smiled and posed.

It was hilarious. Then I would pose his parents and he would do exactly what his dad was doing for the photographs. I was doing photographs of just his parents and he walked right in and posed himself right infront of his parents. I think that is kind of what being a parent is about. It is not about the 2 of you anymore…and Jack was saying anywhere you guys are I want to be right there with you šŸ˜‰

Thanks guys for letting me do your photographs it was a great day!

– Jennifer


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