Oh Canada! Oh Canada!

Back in high school, I had a real close-knit group of friends. We affectionately referred to ourselves as “the GP.” We were from all different races and backgrounds. Our personalities as diverse as our appearances and personalities. That is what made it such wonderful and interesting friendship in my eyes.

Something I probably never imagined would happened, happened just this past week. We had a “GP” reunion…with the exception of our dear friend Hannah who couldn’t make it…and she was so very missed.

We all met in Chicago. Kristi traveled days to get here…literally!! She lives in Canada and it is a 24 hour road trip…but with kids and sleep needs…its a 3-day travel fest. Alecia traveled quite a distance as well…all the way from Fargo, ND!. The remainder of us had a short trek from Indy.

But Kristi and her family who traveled the furthest, gave me the pleasure of letting me take their photographs. I was so honored when she asked me to do a photo shoot with their cute family of four. We had Mya, who is smarter then most, completely aware of the camera and quickly on to all of my antics to entice any smiles. Then Grady who I hear can be slightly fussy, was actually quite smiley, happy, and just a doll.

Andrew and Kristi are the most amazing parents, truly they are. They are compassionate and patient. They are good friends and amazing partners to one another. I did some photographs of just the two of them alone as well. I did not need to pose them…they naturally want to be close. The love is so big between them…it’s contagious. I love how sweetly they fit into one another’s arms for these photo’s.

Enjoy all the photographs. I can’t wait to come to Moncton sometime soon to see you!

– Jennifer


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