New Beginnings

In my life, I have always hoped to be able to, one day, work fully for myself doing what I love best. But, I have always felt that the uncertainty of that idea was a bit scary. I have never been able to make the “jump”, so to speak. I could not do what I needed to do in order to get my business, my passion, established and running like it is now.

Since Tommy has come into my life he has given to me, not only his love and understanding, but has also given my business a complete face lift.

Together I think we make an amazing team. With his support he encouraged me to move to the next phase of my life. He instilled the confidence in me to come to the conclusion that now was the time to take a leap and try Baby Grace Photography full time.

I have been working at the Community Hospitals for the past 6 years. I was the main newborn photographer there. I have come to know the staff at the hospitals so well and really love to see them and be a part of their hospital family. They were there for me during my time of need, when Maya died, and I will never forget them for that.

But now it was time to go in another direction and challenge myself in new and exciting ways. I am so delighted to be able to focus on our business now with all of my heart and soul.

This has given us the opportunity to be able to open our schedule up fully. We are now able to make appointments for virtually any day of the week and anytime…assuming the weather is cooperating. 🙂

So anyone that would like to throw maybe a Mom’s day out with kids and set up a portrait party or anyone that would like to schedule a session during the day just give me a ring or send me an email I would be happy to set that up!

Have a fabulous day and wish me luck in this wonderful and exciting new endeavor!

– Jennifer


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