Baby Elle

When I was brainstorming for some new ideas to use on my upcoming session…I ended up going with some ideas that may have made some uneasy. Armed with a back up plan and expectations that they might look at me like I was crazy I was pleasantly surprised.

I have been wanting for some time to try to put a baby in a material that might give the appearance of being inside the womb.

So after approaching the idea and the willingness from the parents to go along with it we placed Elle in this material that probably felt quite strange to her. But she was actually quite comfortable and seemingly content.

Elle’s big brother Keaton is the cutest little guy and I must admit I was getting side tracked by his big brown eyes and creative talking. He was not interested in having his photograph taken but really was into taking photographs with my camera.

We talked and played and in the end I was not able to bribe or convince him that these photographs were important and would mean something someday 😉 Hopefully I will have the chance again to try to sway him to let me capture him on photo paper because he is the most adorable little boy.

Elle takes after her big brother and has eyes that stand out and the most adorable chunky cheeks and legs.

Here are a few of the images I really loved from there session

Elle, you and your family were so fun. Great, patient, and sweet parents. I hope to see you again soon I loved talking art with you! Thank you for letting me try something new with your precious little baby!

– Jennifer

Here are some more photos:


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