Who knew I would want a motorcycle…?

I have ever thought of myself as a “biker chick”…but after this past weekend I am considering becoming one. The cool breeze blowing through your hair, the awesome outfits you get to buy just for the occasion. The fun stickers you can adorn your helmet with. The sense of camaraderie of fellow bikers on the road…

This past weekend Tommy and I had his cousin, Trish, in town. We are shooting and DJing their wedding in November and they came here for their engagement photos. We had known they had a motorcycle and we thought it would be fun to do some bike shots, so we asked, if possible, for them to bring it with. We were really excited when we found out they were bringing it.
I guess we were too excited…because I overshot by about a thousand photos. There were just too many opportunities…And I probably would of continued if it had not been too dark outside. However, it may have been hard to continue anyways, as i think Guido, Trish’s fiancée, was worn out. But it was still a blast and we all four had a great time. I was inspired and they were easy going and up for anything.

So we spent the whole day downtown Indy. We started just by driving around the center of downtown shooting images. Then we went to abandon house I had wanted to shoot at for a while…well hopefully it was abandoned. We shot some fun images of them on the front porch and around this house. I loved the feel of this broken down house. We then went back to the hotel they changed and we enjoyed the nice weather around the canal. Guido and Trish got to get a nice glimpse of city life…something they are never going to see in the foothills of West Virginia, and that was a group of dorky looking people riding Segways around the canal. We all had a good laugh at that.

After the canal we took a lunch break. Then we changed back into biker gear and headed out to the countryside for some sunset shots. This took an hour or so and then we did just a few more back downtown at a fountain just north of the new library.

Guido and Trish are just the sweetest couple and are very much in love. You will see it all over there faces in these photos!

Trish and Guido we are so excited for your wedding!…Thanks for coming and hanging with us for a few days.

– Jennifer

Here are so more shots from the session we thought you all might enjoy…check our website soon for a featured gallery of this lovely ‘biker session.’


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