The Tan Man and the Wisonsin Gal

Yesterday, Tommy and I headed out to do the three month photographs of baby boy Tanner. The really special thing about this shoot was that I had photographed him as a newborn as well…but that’s not how I became to do the three month photos. Ironically, Tanner’s parent’s close friend from back home in Wisconsin is the one who put us on a path to meet again. Probably 10 months ago or so, the nice lady from Wisconsin contacted us to ask if we sold gift certificates and if we could drive to Greenfield, IN. We told her that it was no problem. I asked her when her friend’s baby was due I and I think she said in 8 months or so. Tommy and I both thought this what you might call ‘early planning.’ We thought this friend was really on top of it. She told us she would be in touch later when it got closer to the due date. Eight months or so goes by and we had all but forgotten about the lady in Wisconsin…and then…she calls. We were both surprised and happy she remembered and we got her set up with her gift certificate.

I was contacted soon by Tanner’s mother, and she mentioned over the phone that I might have done his newborn photos as well…and we both could not believe that we met again in this interesting and ironic way

Tanner is a perfect little baby. Cute all around. Adorable cheeks. Big blue eyes! He was very smiley when we got there and setting up and just as I started the photo taking he was all stares. So curious about the camera in front of my face. We ended up getting some great photographs.

We love him in his ‘mini-me’ chair. He looks like such the little man!

Enjoy some of these photos from the session…

– Jennifer


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