Be there or be Fountain Square…

On March 2nd Tommy and I headed out with our good friends Rob and Jenny to finally do their engagement photos. We had been holding out for a while hoping for a good snowfall to do the photographs in but when that didn’t pan out we settled for a nice Sunday. The temperature was the nicest we have had and it was a perfect overcast day for really nice lighting.

I had found this broken down warehouse with the graffiti and the windows broken out of it and ivy creeping up the side the night before and thought that would be our first stop for some pics. As we were doing photographs there I was lamely excited to notice we were on Kentucky ave…and Rob and Jenny just so happened to have just moved to Kentucky so we had to do some photographs by the sign of course.

This was such a fun photo shoot for me. I was really into it and Jenny and Rob were a lot of fun to work with. Rob’s only requirements were to get photographs of them doing the spider on the swing set…and when you go in with those kind of requirements I often times think you end up leaving with a lot more. I felt like I was in college again I had a million ideas and just not enough time to do them all…and to keep Jenny and Rob any longer would of just been probably ridiculous.

But we then finished up with our photos at the old building. Then we were off to Fountain Square the location of their ‘big day’. There is an old diner right on the corner in town and we took some real fun shots there. One of our good friends, Phil Barcio, headed up this great art movement in Fountain Square last year. It really shows of the communities collective art spirit. It is called The Fountain Square Mural Project and it is happening again this year. Basically, it is a community beautification project and it was executed wonderfully. We wanted to capture this new part of Fountain Square in our pictures so we used some of the murals as a back-drop to our shots.

After the Fountain Square portion of our session…we headed to a park to find a swingset. You guessed it…for some good ‘ol “Spider” action.

Their personality’s shine through and through in these photographs I think and it was such a labor of love working on all the photographs.

Thanks Rob and Jenny and we can’t wait for the wedding!



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