What is a Portrait Party?

Well its quite simple. It’s a great way for you to save money, hang out with your friends and family, and get some great photos taken. All you need to do is invite your friends. family, colleagues, etc.

You provide the guests and we’ll bring cameras and ideas! Each child/family will have 20-30 minutes with Jennifer & Tommy.  We will then post all of the images online from the party in about a week’s time. The person hosting the party (you) will receive a credit towards you own photographs. The credit will vary depending on how successful the party is.

You get a credit of 20% of the total amount of pictures sold to your party guests. For example, if the party generates $1,500 worth of pictures, you will receive a $300 credit towards your pictures. The credit counts only for pictures ordered within 3 weeks of the party.

Ideal situations for portrait parties could be: birthday parties, reunions, theme parties, a get together at the park…you invite the moms and kids, have a picnic and enjoy some fun times with your friends as Jennifer goes and does her thing with your little ones! Good locations for Portrait Parties are the IMA and Holiday Park. If you would like more information on hosting a party give us a call or an email.

Last year we did one in Evansville, so if your family lives out of town…we can work that out too!

One last thing…anyone that places their prder in the first 5 days of the pictures being up will get 20% off their order as well.  So all you have to do is encourage them to put in their orders. We will do all the rest.  We will take the pics, post them, and ship them.


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